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Matteo Monari

My name is Matteo Monari and I am a consultant, entrepreneur and business angel in the field of Digital Marketing.
In almost 15 years, I have assisted some of the biggest players in the gaming, finance, e-commerce and utilities sectors - focusing mostly on SEO and Inbound Marketing.

After starting my career managing some of the world's most popular igaming portals for the group today known as Highlight Media, in 2008 I founded one of Italy's first online insurance guides - which I successfully sold to Populis media group after less than two years.

I then took the role of Head of Inbound Marketing and Crowdsourced Content for Populis, creating and managing its content on demand business unit and an editorial engine responsible for more than 15.000 pieces of content produced each month in 8 different languages.

In 2011, I co-founded BizUp, one of Italy's main Digital Marketing agencies, which I run until February 2020 - first as COO and then as CEO. Following the acquisition of BizUp by Alkemy SPA I also took the role of VP Performance for Alkemy.

During my entire career I have been active in the affilaite marketing niche with WebCREAM, a company I founded and which I still run.

I am a regular speaker at Digital Marketing events and I have collaborated with several industry portals and publications - including the printed magazine iGaming Affiliate Magazine.
I have co-created WME - Italy's first university course in Digital Marketing, in collaboration with Rome's Niccolò Cusano University - and I have been teaching several classes and courses for institutions such as LUISS, Talent Garden Innovation School and 24ORE Business School.
For Giunti Editore, I have published the book Aumentare i Clienti all'Estero grazie al Web.

If you want, you can contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter.